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Save Money with Quality Teak Furniture Products

By Anita Winter

Since the recession began a majority of consumers have reconsidered purchasing their dream homes or buying those flashy sports cars. In fact, the state of the economy has forced people, and retailers for that matter, to take a good look at what they can afford and adjust accordingly.

People are investing more time in creating a higher property value to their homes by adding outdoor rooms, landscaping and being involved in major DIY projects. Although, people are trying to find great bargains, they are also taking time to research products that will provide greater value in the long run.

Restaurant and hotel owners have also broadened their interest in renovating by creating outdoor patio dining areas for customers. They have realized that enhancing outdoor settings adds style and may increase property value.

Some of the products retailers and home owners are investing in are all-weather-resistant patio furniture, outdoor shade products and outdoor cushions. These are not being purchased solely on good looks but on durability and functionality. Today's outdoor furniture is nothing like grandma's outdoor wicker rocking chair from the past. Teak, cast iron, all-weather wicker furniture are just a few products that hold up against the outdoor elements much better now than ever before.

Large cantilevered umbrellas have become big sellers in commercial and residential markets, that's because shade products are made with quality materials that will outlast products from big box retailers. Most are made with high-performance fabrics like Sunbrella, which tackle harsh elements and leave no evidence of abuse. Umbrella frames are built to withstand strong winds and storms and are made with non-corrosive substances and flexible fiberglass materials.

The same is true for outdoor fabrics; textiles that will not fade from the sun or mildew from the rain. Soft beautiful designer fabrics that can be used outdoors and indoors are what many manufacturers are achieving in creating these high-tech textiles. This recession isn't going away anytime soon. So be wise when you are deciding on what you will spend your money on. Choose better products for your home and business and always ask yourself if it's a good investment. If so, you should be able to move forward with peace of mind.

Teak Furniture Can Ease Your Stress

By Anita Winter

There are many interesting things to do this summer that can involve being outdoors. Having a comfortable and relaxing environment to catch up on a little rest and relaxation is mandatory to living a stress free life. We have too much on our plates, we struggle with what is priority and what can wait till tomorrow but through this balancing act, we need to stop and think of what's really important.

If I said that your health is the most important would you agree with me? Healthy living does start with a good healthy diet and exercise regimen but if I told you relaxing on a beautiful piece of furniture could be just as vital to your health and well being, would you believe me? We have to make better choices for our home environment because it does make such a difference in our attitudes as well as our peace of mind. Outdoor furniture that provides the same comfort indoors is one way to not only help create another living space to your home but it can create an ambiance, a place to escape to, away from the stress.

If you're not sure where to start, teak furniture is one choice that will be a long term investment. Teak has natural oils that allow it not to rot like normal timber. In fact it can last close to a hundred years. Manufactured in Indonesia, teak has its own characteristics that set it apart. In outdoor applications it will turn a silvery, gray patina color. This is what happens when left in the outdoor elements exposed to natural light, overtime it becomes an even silver tone that blends into your outdoor surroundings and gives it an aged but organic appearance. It's low maintenance because you don't have to sand and refinish and seal it every year. Teak provides its own natural sealant. Good quality teak will also be very smooth to the touch. It doesn't splint like normal wood.

If you love the look of new teak, you can use a teak sealant to preserve the look of the golden honey color even in outdoor applications or you can enjoy the look of new teak indoors. It has a simple but sturdy design quality to it that will bring charm to your space and in recent years, teak has grown in a more modern contemporary design aesthetic. Teak has a quiet ease and unique style that most will appreciate.

Seat cushions and throw pillows and are one way to reach optimal comfort. You can purchase custom cushions for any piece of furniture you may already own or acquire. I would say cushions are a definite must have in an indoor or outdoor setting because they warm up a space and help you relax, which is the whole point. Getting a space away from the hustle and bustle has benefits beyond the obvious. Taking better care of your health and your families well being is a precious and priceless service.

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