Teak Furniture Warranty

Teak Furniture Outlet is committed to providing the highest-quality outdoor patio teak furniture for a lifetime of enjoyment. Our expectation is that your teak furniture will provide you at least a generation of useful service. Sometimes, however, defects and problems do slip past us.For that reason, we offer this limited warranty, which applies to all teak furniture sold on this site. Teak Furniture Outlet and our parent company, Online Commerce Group, LLC., offer a limited one year warranty that your teak will be free of defects and workmanship problems. Our goal is to give you a quality product and all we ask is that you give us an opportunity to make ammends should we make a mistake.

Terms and Conditions

  • "Defects" are defined as imperfections that impair the use of your teak furniture.
  • This guarantee does not apply to any cases of normal wear and tear of the teak furniture.
  • Normal wear and tear is defined as "the normal deterioration caused by regular use of the furniture."
  • Checking, or small cracking, of the teak wood is a normal and natural occurrence that should be expected during normal use.
  • This warranty does not extend to the natural greying of the wood or any other discolorations.
  • This guarantee does not cover any damage or loss or condition that is beyond the control of Teak Furniture Outlet including but not limited to cases of unauthorized repair, improper assembly, modifications after purchase, improper use, infestation, negligence, misuse, vandalism, wind damage, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire, earthquake or any other similar acts of God.
  • This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the teak furniture with proof of purchase.

Teak Furniture Outlet reserves the right to repair or replace any piece that is covered under the terms of this guarantee. Repair or replacement may involve Teak Furniture Outlet providing parts directly to our customer where applicable. Teak Furniture Outlet will, at its expense, ship any piece of teak furniture back to our facility in cases where Teak Furniture Outlet determines that the repair or replacement cannot be completed by our customer with parts supplied by Teak Furniture Outlet.

To claim repairs under warranty, you, the customer, must first call us toll free at 800-510-TEAK (8325) to notify us of any potential problem. We may ask that photos be provided to us via email where possible so that we can determine the extent of the defect and the corrective action that is most prudent. If your teak furniture arrives in a damaged condition, you must call us within two business days so we may file a claim with our shippers. Damaged shipments will be replaced at our discretion.

Teak is a product of natural beauty - no two specimens are ever exactly the same. Teak's unique blends of grain and coloring can vary from light to dark brown. Occasionally, you may see a pinkish tint, which is due to the kilning process. Upon exposure to natural light, color variations will gradually even out over time.

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